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We provide summer enrichment programming designed to foster growth and build lasting relationships. Our mission is to create environments that give young people an opportunity to have life-impacting experiences both athletically and academically. Our dedication to excellence in youth development propels us to prioritize safety as the cornerstone of our programs, ensuring a secure and supportive setting for all. Moreover, our aim is to go beyond a mere summer experience by offering a diverse range of activities that are not just educational but also stimulating, enjoyable, and interactive. If you are looking for an environment where your child can thrive, explore their interests, and forge unforgettable memories while learning and growing, Wiz Kids is the ideal summer camp!

From Our
Executive Director Nathan Legardy

As we prepare for an exciting summer ahead, we wanted to share the essence of our summer camp and the exceptional milestones we've achieved over our fifteen years of service. Our unwavering commitment remains centered on providing a secure and nurturing environment where children flourish and build lifelong friendships. Our track record speaks volumes about the success of our program.

Since 2009, we've maintained a remarkable 100 percent high school graduation rate.
The accomplishments of our alumni are diverse, ranging from National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society members to Division I athletes, Grammy winners, and even a current National Football League player. Participants spending three or more years in our program exhibit exceptional preparedness, excelling both academically and athletically in high school. These outcomes highlight our dedication to fostering excellence and fulfilling parental aspirations. Integral to this commitment is our stringent staff selection process, ensuring a team of highly professional educators, talent-focused coaches, and nurturing junior associates.
"Over 95 percent of our alumni
pursuing a college track."  
Many of our junior associates are currently pursuing graduate studies in various fields, while others have blossomed into educators, coaches, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. Their journeys mirror our dedication to nurturing excellence and the success stories emerging from our program.
To elevate the Wiz Kids experience, we've recently invested in specialized summer enrichment curricula and fortified our maker spaces and enrichment labs with cutting edge learning assets. We've also dedicated resources to procure state-of-the-art athletictraining equipment, prioritizing safety while nurturing skill development. We've further invested in enhancing and tailoring our technological systems to streamline communications and elevate the overall experience for parents. Finally, we've arranged top-tier exploratory field trips. Our Camp Escape tour, a standout expedition, is meticulously crafted to deliver a culturally immersive experience, granting our older participants a wider perspective beyond our local geography.
We warmly invite you to become part of our Wiz Kids family for an unforgettable adventure. You can rely on our dedication to guide your child toward significant achievements and cultivate an environment where lifelong friendships thrive. We're eager to begin this incredible journey together with you and your child.
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