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Since 2009, Wiz Kids Camps has provided summer enrichment programming designed to foster growth and build lasting relationships. Our mission is to create environments that give young people an opportunity to have life-impacting experiences both athletically and academically. With a commitment to achieving excellence in youth development, our highest priority is providing programming that is safe, enriching, fun, and interactive.

Sessions Now Open

Camp Escape

Session 1

Teen Group 13-16

July 18-23 (Sun-Fri). $75 non-refundable enrollment fee

Session 2

Teen Group 13-16

July 25-30 (Sun-Fri). $75 non-refundable enrollment fee

Session 1

Pre-Teen 10-12

July 18-23 (Sun-Fri). $75 non-refundable enrollment fee

Session 2

Pre-Teen 10-12

July 25-30 (Sun-Fri). $75 non-refundable enrollment fee

Sessions Now Open

Wiz Kids Day Camps

Group 1

Grades 1-2

Summer long skill building and fun. Soccer, Track & Field, Tennis, STEM, Field Trips and so much more!

Group 2

Grades 3-4

A dynamic experience where memories are created and lifelong friendships are built in a great environment.

Group 3

Grades 5-6

A new adventure every day, with their favorite activities and people.  The ultimate energy release!

Group 4

Grades 7-8

Expanding their horizons and providing new challenges.  Social engagement without the handheld electronics!


2023 Camp Season

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We pride ourselves on quality camps that impact not just the campers, but their entire family. We could talk extensively about what we’ve attempted to achieve over the course of our time working with 1000’s of families, but hear it from our parents instead.

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