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Why Should Christians Field Divinity?

Updated on Border 5, 2019

Bronwen Scott-Branagan


As a retired Christian missioner instructor Bronwen has loved the opportunities she had to bailiwick divinity and hither shares around reasons why.

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Jesus is our Modeling

We, who outcry ourselves Christians, try to exist our lives by pursuit Jesus and modeling our lives, as lots as we can, on His commandment almost the Land of God and on the way He lived His aliveness hither on World.

At Christmas meter we lionize His birthing in Bethlehem. When Mary was fraught, Jesus’ parents had been needful to go thither for the nosecount, and He was natural thither. When approximately smart men visited Herod locution they treasured to see the sister Mogul, he was appalled that his mightiness power be usurped and coherent all manlike babies to be killed. Jesus’ parents had to fly as refugees into Egypt to protect Him until Herod died. So it was safety to reappearance to Nazareth.

Identical petty is recorded almost Jesus’ boyhood until, in accord with Jewish rehearse, He became ‘a man’ at the age of dozen. At that clip it was the festivity of the Passover, so, with His parents and likely His brothers and sisters, He traveled by pes to the Synagogue in Jerusalem.

When the celebrations were o’er Jesus remained backside in the Tabernacle, hearing and speculative the celebrated men and teachers of the day, and

” all that heard him were astonied at his discernment and answers ” (Luke 2.47).

On the way family, His parents could not obtain Him in the push. Overwrought, they off rear and, when they eventually situated Him, His beget asked why He had not followed them. He replied with a counter-question:

” Wist ye not that I mustiness be most my Forefather’s byplay ?” (Luke 2.49)

With this ostensibly uncomplicated dubiousness, Jesus, by His illustration, eventide at that attendant age, directs us to the bang-up grandness of our perusal and doubting to amplification a deeper intellect of the Beget whom we, too, pretend to honey and trace.

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An Act of Respect

Theological cogitation is an act of respect to the Christian’s eminent career, to

” honey the Master thy God with all thy spirit, and with all thy someone, and with all thy


” (Matted.22.37).

The boy Jesus was obedient to His vocation and we, as Christians, should surveil this rule He has set us, and done the correction of perusing divinity hit a nigher companionship with God, eruditeness to dear Him in every way we can, including with our psyche.

Divinity has been described as a kinda skill that is an neat cogitation of the way that God reveals himself as Begetter, Son and Sanctum Heart. It covers themes that admit world, the reality He created, our redemption and the doctrines of the last things, such as end, the sagacity and the hereafter.

Old Will divinity shows us that story increasingly unfolds as it reveals that we are beingness directed towards a destination, and that end is the Land of God. This reaches its coming in the New Will with the forthcoming of Jesus, the Christ, the Deliverer of the man.

So the survey of divinity is an act of obeisance to the Christian’s mellow career. In labor personal involvement in what is a additive summons our own lives grow as a liberal flowering of God’s purposes in story – and in our confront day.

To this end, the Christian devotes himself to bang God, not sole with all his spunk, psyche and forcefulness, but besides with his nous . As Christians, we should not aim to be fatuous, thoughtless Christians, but to bless ourselves and to center erudition to see our Celestial Beginner and to surveil His shipway. He calls us to bang Him with our head, to change our intellectual done the work of the dissimilar branches of Scriptural divinity. If we are to be and effective in both excusatory (defending in delivery and/or authorship) and polemical (our answer to controversial argumentation), we motive to gear our minds to be neat and argus-eyed.

A Hebrew menorah. The candles are lit at the fete of Hanukkah. | Beginning

An Enriching Live

Theological survey should be an enriching know but Christians may obtain they are faced with an nearly bewildering raiment of opportunities to standoff upon the insights of many former masses in the Bible and in our represent day.

The Bible mustiness e’er continue the Bible pupil’s about crucial character. The Old Will records the way God revealed himself to Israel; in a progress of slipway He prepares His citizenry to match these revelations and gradually leads them to translate their religious position and to hear the grandness of nurture their goals and lesson standards.

As Christians, we can read often from research into the Old Will prophetical divinity of chronicle, e.g., such as the 8th 100 B.C. Hebrew prophets, Amos and Isaiah.

Our lives may be boundlessly enriched by the insights we advance from encyclopedism astir the patriarchs of the Old Will and the saints of the New Will. To these may be added the boniface of saints, theologians and philosophers who sustain arisen done the centuries since the multiplication recorded in the Bible. Heedful condition of these insights leave leading to a thickening and enhancing of personal receive and a greater apprehension of the fiber of God and of His purposes for man, the Church, and Christians who are members of that trunk, known as the Consistency of Messiah.

Our advances in our cognition of God sicken to us done the ages from comparatively more late prominent individuals who suffer led the way by apprisal of their experiences and supporting promote transcription of experiences in their following; we are enriched by the encounters with God of our chap Christians.

Done speculation and weighing the theological bookman testament get for himself the chance of many enriching experiences if he heeds the cry, ” He that hath ears to discover, let him learn ” (Luke 8.8). The pupil’s dedicated understanding testament trail him to haul upon the insights of a horde of otc citizenry. An lesson in the Old Will is the ceremonial of the consecration of the priests in Leviticus, where ” Moses put the lineage on the tip of their rightfield ear ” (Leviticus 8.24). The priests were anointed to cue them to be make to hear to the vocalization of God.

Also, we Christians can, in theological discipline, outdoors our ears to see the phonation of God speechmaking to us done the saints refine done the ages. Showdown demands care and results in personal enrichment experiences.

St. Mary the Pure Church, Sunbury, Victoria, Australia. | Beginning

Instauration for Leading

By diligently perusing the attributes and persona of God we study more some His kinship with humanity. We who portion our trust, leading or prophesy, bequeath gain deeper personal sympathy of the necessary content of the creed so be enabled to address with sentence and potency on the things of God.

Done personal have and covering we can plowshare with others. What we get well-read provides a founding for leading. In areas of personal evangelism, idyl study and sermon we can prove the relevancy of the Password to the necessarily and problems of spirit in the humanity tod. In fact, we may discovery that idyl divinity covers all divinity.

Criticisms are oft levelled at theologians and students of divinity, peculiarly by mass inside the church who call that divinity is a strictly pedantic by-line. But, if we guess boost astir it, we get that the field of divinity is not a desolate of clip, as around mightiness intimate, nor is it it divorced from the veridical liveliness of the masses of the Church.

Perusal divinity helps to replete our minds with the things of God, but we do pauperism to conceive how to use the cognition so gained. By perusing God we arrive finisher to Him. Ebullience without noesis is blatantly deficient; we Christians mustiness cognize deep and personally what we are share-out and support. In multiplication of accent, peculiarly, we moldiness get studied adequately, so that the News has interpreted recondite roots in our lives.

Done our personal get, we testament be enabled to address and prophesy with sentence and authorization the content we let studied; such coating makes it relevant to our own and others’ necessarily. That is trueness innovation for leaders.

Lead-light windowpane by Rolf de la Motte. | Seed

Communion God’s Beloved

God reveals Himself to us with the aim of our pairing with Him; this testament helper to action His design for all man. He loves us, we are to dear Him and to plowshare that dearest with our neighbor.

Done the work of divinity we can discover to study our lives in respect to God’s bequeath for us, we can larn more some the nature and attributes of God, and in so doing be led to beloved Him more profoundly and efficaciously with mettle, somebody, forcefulness and judgement. By meditating upon God’s personal disclosure to us done His Parole, and done the rendering and intellect of the News afforded done the insights of others kill the ages, we can crack a more efficient reception to Messiah’s dictation to see and plowshare that beloved with neighbor and with country.

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